Make an Offer

Make An Offer

Before Making an Offer on a Home:

Don't be tempted to make an offer on a dream house the minute you lay eyes on it.

Almost everything in Real Estate Sales is negotiable! Now is a great time to listen to the advice of your Real Estate Agent, and hear out your options to increase your chances of closing this deal. 

Keep the following guidelines in mind, before you make a hasty decision, you'll have to live with for many years.

1. Research the neighborhood online

  • The Internet knows all, so search local newspaper websites and community blogs to get a feel for the neighborhood.
  • There are websites that show the crime rates and breakdowns for every zip code, such as
  • Even if you don't have children, it's best to buy property in a good school district to ensure your home retains its value.

2. Visit the property at different times

  • The last thing you want to do is buy a house, and then find out the hard way that it's located on a popular drag-racing strip.
  • Visit the home in the morning, at night, on a Saturday night and a Sunday morning just to see what living there might be like.

3. Have the house inspected

  • Schedule a home inspection with a professional so you'll know exactly what repairs need to be made, and at what cost.
  • Your seller may or may not agree to pay for home improvements, but it's always best to know the condition of the house.

4. Talk to the seller

  • It's not always possible to sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk with the owners of the house, but it is the best way to learn all about the house and the neighborhood.
  • You can find out about all the repairs and renovations they've done, and about any shortcomings.

Do your homework before you plunk down the earnest money deposit, and you'll have fewer surprises to deal with down the road.  Real estate is not unlike relationships - even when people find love at first sight, they don't get married on the spot.

The Offer Process

When searching for your dream home, you were just that – a dreamer. Now that you’re writing an offer, you need to be a businessperson.

Approach this process with a cool head and a realistic perspective of your market. The three basic components of an offer are; price, terms, and contingencies a.k.a. “conditions”.

  • Price – the right price to offer must fairly reflect the true market value of the home you want to buy.  Gregg Sutter has extensive real estate industry experience - and will provide the market research to guide you with this decision. Experience really does make a difference. 
  • Terms – the other financial and timing factors that will be included in the offer.
  • Contingencies - These are certian criteria that need to be taken into account.  String that are attached or on the fulfillment of a condition relating to the terms.

Terms fall under six basic categories in a real estate offer:

  • Schedule – a schedule of events that has to happen before closing.
  • Conveyances – the items that stay with the house when the sellers leave.
  • Commission – the real estate commission or fee, for both the agent who works with the seller and the agents who works with the buyer.
  • Closing costs – it’s standard for buyers to pay their closing costs, but if you want to roll the costs into the loan, you need to write that into the contract.
  • Home warranty – this covers repairs or replacement of appliances and major systems. You may ask the seller to pay for this.
  • Earnest money – this protects the sellers from the possibility of your unexpectedly pulling of the deal and makes a statement about the seriousness of your offer.

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