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The Best Schools in Cincinnati?

Real Estate Agent Gregg Sutter discusses the importance of schools in the buying decision and how to find good schools.

Cincinnati Schools "Where are the best schools," is a question I hear from virtually every buyer who has school-aged children. It's well-known among real estate agents that school is a major consideration, and quite often the most important one for buyers with children.

But for a family just moving into an area, finding the right school is sometimes difficult. How does someone discover where the best schools are. Perhaps the easiest way would be to ask your real estate agent. After all, the agent is quite familiar with the neighborhoods and school districts.

There is a problem with this approach, however: It's illegal for a real estate agent to make suggestions about schools. At first glance this seems ridiculous. Why forbid the one person who can give you an informed answer from doing just that. The reason has to do with a real estate term called "steering."

In the past, a few unscrupulous agents found various sneaky ways to steer buyers toward a particular house or houses. And saying a certain school was the "best in the city was one way to do this." Here's an example of how steering would work: suppose Agent X happened to have a listing in, say, Podunk Junction (a made-up place). That agent could tell new arrivals in town that the best school district in town was in the Podunk school district. The buyers would be more likely to buy the agent's listed house.

There were a number of ways to steer people into desired housing; the "best school in the city" ploy was just one method. So, laws were put into place to prevent steering. This allows buyers to select their home based on the merits, without undue or underhanded influence from the agent. And that's a very good thing because let's say our theoretical buyers bought the Podunk house. It wouldn't be long before they discovered that maybe the Podunk district was just mediocre.

They would realize what had happened, and that's not good for the real estate agent business.

So what do I do when buyers ask for a school recommendation? Well, first I explain why I can't give a recommendation. Then, I give them a list of resources so they can do their own research. Following is a short list of Web sites that buyers can use to find their dream school. This isn't an exhaustive list, but it is a good start. I hope it's helpful.

*Note: I included a link to the Catholic schools in Cincinnati because the Arch Diocese of Cincinnati features a consolidated list of private Catholic schools in the area. For non-Catholic private schools, if there is a single link that lists these schools, I am unaware of it. For a fairly comprehensive list of all types of schools in the area, including various types of private schools, please see the link just above this one---"List of Schools in the Cincinnati area (wikipedia.org,)

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For those of you who are moving into our area, you have a wealth of great schools to choose from. I hope I've helped clarify your thinking on this issue and giving you some places to start looking. Good luck with your schools search!

If you are looking for a knowledgeable and honest real estate agent to work with, contact Gregg Sutter Realty.  The office is at 3505 Columbia Parkway Ste. 125, Cincinnati, OH 45226. CALL Gregg directly at:  513-404-3920

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