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I'm always on the lookout for FSBO sale signs because I treat them as a lead. Oftentimes, a FSBO (pronounced "fasboe") homeowner tires of trying to sell their home, and they will engage me to take over.

Some owners do sell their own homes, and more power to them. However, I believe that a real estate agent adds significant value to the sales process. And the number of times I've been hired by a former FSBO homeowner tends to bear that out.

You can think of your real estate agent as your advertising and marketing person. When I get a new client, I start by developing a listing. The listing has all the important facts about your property and includes carefully chosen photographs.

But the listing is just the first step. Then I publicize it Of course, it gets placed on the Realtor's Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and in various print media, but that's just for starters. In addition to my Web site, I make sure your listing gets added to a wealth of real estate Web sites.

I also alert my real estate network that a new property has hit the market, and I especially contact those agents or customers who I think would be particularly interested in your property.

Clients rarely know this, but I spend thousands of dollars on marketing, most of it behind the scenes. I know my clients lead busy lives, and I try to take as much of the burden off their shoulders as I can.

Many Homes For Sale By Owner sellers do a great job of preparing their home for showing. Some even price the property correctly. But rarely does a FSBO seller match me in marketing and advertising.

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